GoLive CS2 Mac - Centering a dropdown menu and the menu items still lining up correctly

GoLive CS2 Mac - Centering a dropdown menu and the menu items still lining up correctly

Post by Jon_All.. » Sat, 15 Jul 2006 06:07:07

HELP. I've built a straight forward dropdown menu using a series of layers that are made visable on rollover etc. I've saved the menu as a component and used it on the pages of the site.

I want the pages to be centered and move when the frame is resized. BUT, when I rollover the menu the layers reveal in the wrong place - they don't follow the top layer of the menu, they continue to align left. I've tried using the 'Inherit' in the CSS but the layers seem to stack up like a totem pole - not quite the effect I was after.

Is the way to go to build the page then wrap the whole page with a div tag? Any help very welcome. Thanks in advance.


1. DWMX dropdown menu library items and altered code

I recently had a problem with library items that I've not had before using DWMX. I have created a photos section in a website which I update periodically. Each section has two dropdown menus: one for navigating between sections, one for navigating within that section.

The problem that I've been having is that when I insert a library item, which consists of one dropdown menu, the link structure is changed from the originating library item. A link that starts off as
<option value="../story/story_photos_apg120602.html"> becomes
<option value="/story/story_photos_apg120602.html"> when inserted into the document. I've been updating this site for a while and this is the first time I've encountered this. It has affected the entire section, consisting of hundreds of pages.

In addition, when I preview these pages in a browser such as IE 5.2.2, the dropdown menu works the first time and does not work after navigating to another page.

Any insight would be most helpful.



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