Do you know a pre-1985 bus using format: priority-type-func.addr.?

Do you know a pre-1985 bus using format: priority-type-func.addr.?

Post by Mark Cata » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 09:12:39

Looking for an example of a bus with a particular message format (header) that
includes the following fields in sequence START, PRIORITY, TYPE (of message),
and FUNCTION ADDRESS (or RECEIVER ADDRESS). The example must be described or
have existed prior to
Sept 1985.

1. "ISO bus" used in car servicing - does anyone know what it is?

Peter schrieb:

Do you realy mean the "ISO-BUS" for car servicing . I know the
ISO-protocoll for car servicing and diagnosis...
It's the ISO15765 message protcoll (It's still a draft )
Further questions ?

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