ICECCS 2001 Announcement and Call for Papers

ICECCS 2001 Announcement and Call for Papers

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ICECCS 2001 Announcement and Call for Papers

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                           CALL FOR PAPERS

                Seventh IEEE International Conference
               Engineering of Complex Computer Systems
                           (ICECCS 2001)

                        University of Sk?vde
                           Sk?vde, Sweden
                          June 11-15, 2001


January  15, 2001 - Initial abstracts due
January  29, 2001 - Deadline for submission of papers
March    23, 2001 - Notification to authors
April    24, 2001 - Deadline for final papers

Complex computer systems are common in many sectors, such as
manufacturing, communications, defense, transportation, aerospace,
hazardous environments, energy, e-commerce, and health care. These
systems are frequently distributed over heterogeneous networks, and
are driven by many diverse requirements on performance, real-time
behavior, fault tolerance, security, dependability, adaptability,
development time and cost, long life concerns, and other areas.
In addition, the emerging area of web-based software requires
solutions to complex problems of highly integrated and complex
components. Such requirements frequently conflict, and their
satisfaction therefore requires managing the trade-off among them
during system development and throughout the entire system life.

The goal of this conference is to bring together industrial, academic,
and government experts from a variety of user domains and software
disciplines, to determine how the disciplines' problems and solution
techniques interact within the entire system. Researchers,
practitioners, tool developers and users, and technology transition
experts are all welcome. The scope of interest includes long-term
research issues, near-term complex system requirements and promising
tools; existing complex systems, and commercially available tools.

Papers are solicited in all areas related to complex computer-based
systems, including the causes of complexity and means of avoiding,
controlling, or coping with complexity. Topic areas include, but are
not limited to:
- Complexity in embedded real time systems
- Complexity in distributed and network based software systems
- Design and analysis of complex software systems
- Formal methods for complex systems
- Techniques for emerging web-based complex systems

Different kinds of contributions are sought, including research papers,
lessons learned, status reports, and discussion of practical problems
faced by industry and user domains. The ultimate goal is to build a
rich and comprehensive conference program that can fit the interests
and needs of different classes of attendees: professionals,
researchers, managers, and students. A program goal is to organize
several sessions that include both academic and industrial papers on a
given topic and panels to discuss relationships between industrial
and academic research.

Awards will be given for the best paper and best conference
presentation. Selected papers will be recommended for publication in
suitable journals, if possible as a special issue.

Special attention will be given to industrial experience, for which
also shorter papers are invited with less emphasis on completeness.
Work in progress, practical experience, and ideas for new research may
also be submitted as extended abstracts.

LOCATION: The University of Sk?vde, established 1977, is one of the
newer universities in Sweden. It is located in Sk?vde, a small city
situated between lakes V?nern and V?ttern.

June is a lovely time of year to visit Sweden, as it is the height of
the warm summer season. The two weeks before and after the conference
are ideal times to vacation near Sk?vde; the week before is an important
week in Sk?vde's 600th anniversary celebration with Sweden's National
Day and a Royal visit on June 6, and the week after features Sweden's
famous Midsummer festival during the longest days of the year. Although
the national language is Swedish, you will find that most Swedes speak
English and some other foreign language as well.

Travel to and in Sweden is quite convenient. Sk?vde is midway between
Stockholm and G?teborg (Gothenburg), both of which have international
airports with connections to major cities in Europe, Asia, and North
America. Regular express trains run between both airports to Sk?vde.

General Chair: Michael G. Hinchey, University of Sk?vde, Sweden
Program Chairs: Sten F. Andler, University of Sk?vde, Sweden
                Jeff Offutt, George Mason University, USA
Local Arrangements Chair: Jonas Mellin, University of Sk?vde, Sweden
Publicity Chairs (Europe): Luciano Baresi, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
           (The Americas): Frank Stomp, Wayne State University, USA
Exhibits Chair: Anita Andler, University of Sk?vde, Sweden
Finance Chair: Anders T?rne, Carlstedt Research & Technology AB, Sweden

For details of the paper submision process and further information see
the ICECCS 2001 web site: