Storage Computer Corp.

Storage Computer Corp.

Post by OLou » Sat, 26 Mar 1994 01:10:02

Boy, it really doesn't make sense to post in USENET when you have absolutely no
concept of or respect for NET ettiquette. Genuine responses, questions,
information, etc. confined to the subject of this news group is fine, but
posting one liners to call your lame company in twelve unrelated newsgroups in
response to a simple questions shows how insincere you are. Hey, somebody
figure out how to charge this guy for our time. I'm going to bill you for every
message of yours I have to read.

1. Storage Computer RAID taxonomy research report ?

I have a bizarre question, effectively a quest for computer folklore.

Do people remember Storage Computer's RAID 7 boxes, and their
marketing manager John O'Brien?  They used to have a "research report"
with a taxonomy of different RAID levels (which culminated in RAID 7
being the best).

I don't want to discuss the merits of RAID 7 versus the other RAID
levels, nor do I want to discuss Storage Computer's marketing methods,
nor do I want to discuss whether the numbering system for RAID levels
is sensible or not.  Even less do I want to start another discussion
of Storage Computer's lawsuit about having fundamental RAID patents.
These topics have all been beaten to death, there is nothing
interesting to be learned from discussing them again, and we've seen
enough flamefests already.

My quest is much simpler: Does anyone have a copy of that research
report still around?  Can it be found online anywhere?  If someone has
a paper copy, could they maybe scan it in and post it somewhere, or
maybe e-mail or paper mail me a copy (address: 735 Sunset Ridge Road,
Los Gatos, CA 95033)?

Last I checked, Storage Computer had morphed completely, is out of the
RAID 7 business (or generally out of the disk array business), and is
only working on streaming media servers for content distribution,
which they acquired from their merger with Cyber Storage.

The only reason I want this is for amusement value, to add to my file
of RAID-related papers.

The address in the header is invalid for obvious reasons. Please
reconstruct the address from the information below (look for _).

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