New Book: Readings in Hardware/Software Co-design

New Book: Readings in Hardware/Software Co-design

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Readings in Hardware/Software Co-design
by Giovanni De Micheli, Rolf Ernst, Wayne Wolf

Part of the Morgan Kaufmann Series in Systems on Silicon

Embedded system designers are constantly looking for new tools and
techniques to help satisfy the exploding demand for consumer
information appliances and specialized industrial products. One
critical barrier to the timely release of embedded system products is
integrating the design of the hardware and software systems.
Hardware/software co-design is a set of methodologies and techniques
specifically created to support the concurrent design of both systems,
effectively reducing multiple iterations and major redesigns. In
addition to its critical role in the development of embedded systems,
many experts believe that co-design will be a key design methodology
for Systems-on-a-Chip.

Readings in Hardware/Software Co-Design presents the papers that have
shaped the hardware/software co-design field since its inception in
the early 90s. Field experts -- Giovanni De Micheli, Rolf Ernst, and
Wayne Wolf -- introduce sections of the book, and provide context for
the paper that follow. This collection provides professionals,
researchers and graduate students with a single reference source for
this critical aspect of computing design.

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