RAID MIB Mailing list formed

RAID MIB Mailing list formed

Post by David C. Brow » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 08:09:13

There's a mailing list formed for discussion of an SNMP MIB for RAID
devices.  The goal is to produce a basic proposal that could be turned
into an IETF standards track MIB this year.  If you are interested,
sent mail to the majordomo server at netcom, and ask to be on the
raidmib-l mailing list.  For instance:

    Subject:  subject is ignored
    subscribe raidmib-l
    info raidmib-l

I'll probably post this periodically.


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1. Forming Transputer Mailing List

Announcing the creation of the Transputer mailing list:

The Transputer mailing list was created to enhance the communication among
those who are interested in the Transputer and Transputer based systems.

Submissions should be of non-proprietary nature and be concerned with, but
not limited to:

        o  Algorithms
        o  Current development efforts (hardware and software)
        o  INMOS and third party systems (Meiko, FPS, etc.)
        o  Interfaces
        o  Dedicated computational resources
        o  Occam and Non-Occam language development

Archives of submissions are available by anonymous ftp from the host (userid "anonymous", password is of the form

The list is maintained as a mail reflector.  Submissions are therfore
sent out as they are received.  (I don't like "digestified" mailing

Propogation of submissions into USENET may be provided at a later
date provided there is sufficient volume and interest.

Send submissions to:

                rochester -\
                cmcl2 ------>!cornell!batcomputer!transputer
                uw-beaver -/   gould!-/
                decvax----/ warrior!-/

The above UUCP paths are suggestions only.  Your mileage may vary.

For addition/deletion/changes to the list, send to "transputer-request"
at the above address.

"Transputer" is probably a copyright or trademark or something of


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