Wanted: Hitachi 3007 or 3006

Wanted: Hitachi 3007 or 3006

Post by seanlov.. » Wed, 26 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I need 30 parts of the Hitachi H8300H series
HD6413006 or HD6413007 ASAP. Either QFP or TQFP
is OK but I need the 3V version, not the 5V
version that Hitachi sent me. Can pay $$.

Thanks in advance. Sean. 303-443-6611

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1. WANTED: Hitachi Hard Drives for Freedom 5700E

I am interested in the following Hitachi 18 Gig HD for use in a Freedom 5700E
RAID Storage system:


I have called nearly everyone in the country, with no avail.  Hitachi
themselves indicated that they do not have any in stock, and the distributers
that they list that DO have them in stock actually do NOT have any.  (Please
don't slam me for this, I wasn't here for this purchase....I only have to live
with the consequences....)  I know that they have been discontinued, but I am
hoping for a miracle.

I need 5 of them.


The box listed as the requirements:  Windows95 or better
...so I bought a Macintosh.

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