Current Status of Viking

Current Status of Viking

Post by A.Hor » Sat, 01 Mar 1997 04:00:00


Does anyone know the current status of Quantum Viking (3.5"HDD)
for production schedule ?



1. Viking vs Alpha vs HP (was: New viking sparc)

The recent thread (in comp.sys.sun.hardware) regarding the speed of the
viking vs the alpha etc has tried to correlate the fastest silicon with
the fastest workstation.  Many people have posted the obvious reply -
that system performance depends heavily on system design: bus speed, IO
speed, memory, OS etc.

The concensus appears to be that Sun has good systems with not so fast
Silicon, where as other vendors have lightning fast silicon with little
discussed systems.  People have been asking if Sun/SPARC has fallen out
of the fast silicon race?

One thing that has escaped this conversation is the emergence of real
multi-processor systems.  The SPARC V8 spec, the Mbus spec and Solaris
2 have all been designed with efficient multiprocessing in mind.  Multi
processors depend even more heavily on system design: bus speed, IO
speed, memory, OS etc.  So spending your R&D money on them, rather than
fast silicon, appears to me as good policy - specially as it helps your
uni-processors systems as well.

I think that 4 Viking chips in a well design system are going to
provide a much faster system than one 200+ MIPs chip based system.
Also when the Viking is release, the price of Cypress chips can be
expected to fall dramatically - thus systems with 2,4 or 8 Cypress
chips will pretty good in the price performance stakes.

So the point of comparison I would like to see made between SPARC, Alpha,
HP, IBM etc is not who has the fastest [proposed] silicon this month.
Rather, I would like to see a comparison of the supporting architectures
for these chips with regards to MP?  Ie bus arbitration, cache coherency,
memory model, OS support, IO support chips ,DMA,  etc etc.

I know a bit about SPARC V8, MBus and Solaris2, and it all looks pretty good
as a MP package (MBus is a little slow), but I do not know how they
compare with whats in the alpha, etc

Is anybody in a position to comment further?

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