Request for simulation packages

Request for simulation packages

Post by Michael Herma » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 20:22:00

Forgive my ignorance, but...

I need an RTL-level simulation package, which produces statistics, for a
small microprocessor I am designing as part of my Masters' thesis. This will
be a RISC-like functional architecture, with a small microcode driven
instruction set, pipelining, and hardware implemented garbage-collection.

As the design will be driven by simulation results, I need an easily
extensible package, with good documentation, and a good user interface.
I have access to VAX 11/780s, SUN and Apollo workstations, all running under
UNIX 4.2, and I would most appreciate information on public-domain software,
or inexpensive packages, as my budget is limited.

In addition, if anyone has pointers to good general documents on hardware
simulation, and/or some survey papers of available simulation packages, these
would prove most helpful. I'll eventually need switch-level simulations as
well, as I plan to fabricate the processor once it's functional design is

Please send replies to:

UUCP  ...uunet!alberta!calgary!hermann

POST: Mike Hermann
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        University of Calgary
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        Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Thanks in advance for your help,
    Mike Hermann

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trying to post from a different server. Apologies if both of them make it.

I am trying to build an HSM application. Since it will mainly be used to
test the capabilities of the file system (DFS) only, I am not interested in
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what are their value ranges, etc.? I would appreciate any help in this regard.


Thirumale Niranjan
Advanced Member of Technical Staff
Transarc Corporation

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