Suggestions for a microprocessor architecture book

Suggestions for a microprocessor architecture book

Post by Elton L » Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:46:18


I've searched through the newsgroup for books but didn't really find
one that suits my needs.  I'm looking for a book on generic
microprocessor architecture (something that covers common components
needed for microprocessors like IRQ's, vector tables, IMMR's, MMU's
and how they function) .  Something like a reference book to look up
terms and stuff e.g. nomaskable interrupt, interrupt priority levels
etc. I work with a whole variety of processors and finding a handy
reference book would be useful.  I find looking through processor
manuals, they already expect you know a certain level of
microprocessor architecture.  It's that stuff they assume you need to
know I would like to find a book on.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Elton Lum


1. Hennessy & Patterson Computer Architecture book: book-signing

Sorry there isn't a comp.arch.northern.california, but this is still
probably the best newsgroup for this:

The signing will be Computer Literacy (San Jose branch 2590 North 1st)
6:30--8:30 PM Thursday April 19.

So, if your copy is not autographed already, bring it and make these guys
-john mashey    DISCLAIMER: <generic disclaimer, I speak for me only, etc>

DDD:    408-991-0253 or 408-720-1700, x253, or 408-524-7015
USPS:   MIPS Computer Systems, 930 E. Arques, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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