Looking for multiple MO Disk array

Looking for multiple MO Disk array

Post by Keith H. K. Ch » Sun, 15 May 1994 15:12:05

Hi there,

        I am looking for a multiple MO disk array system. The only thing that I can find is the Harddisk array using SCSI-2. I am wondering if there is any
MO disk array that is also working with SCSI-2. The one that I am targeting is
about 40MByte/s data rate and more than 20 GBytes capacity.

If there is any expert having any idea, pls. let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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1. Win95/3.1 dual boot, complete system backup to multiple MO disks.

I am forced to use a Win95/Win3.1 dual boot system as several of my
peripherals (eg. film recorder and scanner) have drivers that will not
function with Win95, and as they are older discontinued models, the
manufacturers will not be producing updates.  The dual boot system
functions well, and I have had only one problem with it, total system
backup and restore to my MO drive.  

I used to use a DOS 5.0 system disk with DOS 5.0 backup and restore to
backup to my MO drive, this worked fine, I have backed up and restored
the old Win3.1 system dozens of times using this method, with no

I was, like many, astonished to find that Microsoft had disabled disk
spanning during backup for optical drives in Win95. I have attempted to
backup to my Xyratex 230Mb MO using DOS 5.0 backup. First I use DOSLFNBK
to save the Win95 long filenames, then I boot from a DOS 5.0 system disk
which also contains the drivers for my MO drive, and use DOS 5.0 backup.

On restore, I first boot with the Win95 system disk, format the drive and
transfer the system.  I then reboot using the DOS 5.0 system disk, and
use DOS 5.0 restore and my MO backups, then I boot from the Win95 system
disk and use doslfnbk to restore the long filenames.

Now the moment of truth! when I boot the system from the hard drive
everything seems fine, Win95 boots and functions OK, but when I try to
select "previous DOS version" from the boot menu I get the message
"Previous version of DOS not supported", and the machine boots into

Everything that the old DOS 6.22/Win3.1 system needs seems to be present,
so what is the problem?

Has anyone ever sucessfully backed up and restored a Win95/Win3.1 dual
boot system to multiple MO disks?  If so, pleeeeeeease post a detailed
account of the method used.

Yours in dispair,

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