Math Functions, I remember those!!!

Math Functions, I remember those!!!

Post by K.R. Lewi » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> Does anyone know where I can find/buy the code for the following math
> functions: COSH,SINH,ACOSH,ASINH,EXP,LOG Am using a Z80 and assembly, but
> I could probably convert any 8 bit code if need be.

> Thanks


Years ago, too many to confess here and now, I worked with a fellow
who was somewhat of a "Math Wizard" at a little outfit called
"Balance Technolgy."

Practically everything I learned about how things work at the
bits-n-bytes level, floating point math, guard bits, rounding
error, lookup tables, approximation...hell everything:
I learned while working with Ron Anderson.

Ron was solely responsible for starting the FLEX User's Group and
a newsletter that eventually became the 68' Micro Journal (when
formally published by another group.)

I am sure (because I saw his ba*t storage area) that Ron
does NOT throw anything away - and he could very well help you.

Here is his 'current' telephone & address listing from the
Internet service called "Switchboard"

Anderson, Ronald W...
3540 Sturbridge Ct...Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2839
Phone: (313)995-1636

Best of luck.

Randy Lewis, RTMX Incorporated


1. Single-Precision C math functions

Please, can anyoune let me know where I can find a package of
'single-precision' math functions?
More, are they really faster than the double-precision ones?

I am writing a program that, due to the presence of several nested
iterations, is quite slow. I could trade double-precision math for speed,
but, working with MS-Visual C++ 6.0, i discovered that the so-called
single-precision functions are merely casts of the double precision
ones. i.e. of the kind:

float funcf(float x) {return (float)funcd((double)x);}


Thank you,

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