Experiences with DECmpp12000/MasPar MP-1

Experiences with DECmpp12000/MasPar MP-1

Post by Subbarao Palachar » Thu, 01 Oct 1992 00:05:52




We might be buying a DECmpp 12000 or MasPar MP-1 in the near future. I
have very little experince in parallel computing. So I would
appreciate if the users of these machines can send me their
experiences (comments). Some of the issues we are interested -

        What is a good system configuration - no. of pe's, memory,
                front end machine etc.?
        How easy/difficult is it to program? How good are the compilers in
                parallelizing a serial code? Any comments on the image
                processing and math libraries are also welcome.
        What kind of sustained performance do you get?
        How much did you pay for the complete system?

Any other comments are also appreciated.

thanx in advance

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