Bit Banging on PIC16f876

Bit Banging on PIC16f876

Post by Eugenio ALES » Tue, 21 Jan 2003 04:00:33

I need two serial port on PIC16f876 so I'm looking for a good,
adjustable (baud rate 4800 and 19200 the second) software written in
asm to bit banging on this micro...
Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance
Eugenio ALESSI


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I'm writing a Java program that will run on several types of
machines.  It reads a binary file that can be written on several
types of machines (not necessarily the same one it is running on).
The file contains integers and floats, which may be in a different
format from the one it is running on.

I know the data formats for Sun, Intel, and DEC/VAX.  Can anyone tell
me the data formats for the following:



Mac (same as Sun?)

Basically, I'm looking for whether the machine is big or little
endian, and whether it is IEEE floating point or something
proprietary.  Or if it's identical to some other machine, that's
useful knowledge, too.  Any help is appreciated.

Please send answers by email.  Thanks.

little bear

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