F-CPU @ LSM2002 : Announcement and call for presentations

F-CPU @ LSM2002 : Announcement and call for presentations

Post by Yann Guido » Wed, 15 May 2002 09:06:08


ooops sorry for the double post.



1. f-cpu.de is up and running


during and after the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin
(26-28 dec, read my T-shirt :-D), the F-CPU community got a boost.
a lot of public relations, a 2-hours long workshop (streaming video
soon available at http://www.f-cpu.de ) and a lot of good ideas and propositions.

So soon, i'll fly to Boston and meet the east-coasters,
it was inteded first to be vacations, but what the heck...
the F-CPU project is up, running and well, so please
participate, subscribe to the mailing list and PLEASE

(it's three weeks old, i know...)

thanks for reading and comment all the errors
that made it to the manual...

SHARCPAGE: http://www.mime.univ-paris8.fr/~whygee/sharcpage.html

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