Java and Jini

Java and Jini

Post by BHL123 » Wed, 12 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I wounder how many outthere are using Jini. Since it came up for embedded
protocal it already more than one year. I like to hear any advices from
Thanks very much.



1. Java "Actual" Machines (JAMs) and Java CPUs ..

Since most Network Computers are going to support
Windows applications as well as Java applications,
it would make sense for the x86 CPUs to have the
Java opcodes embedded in them!  However, it seems
unlikely that Intel is going to do that .. what
about Cyrix and AMD?  It would be perfect for them:

  ** Intel is restrained by Microsoft from doing
     the same thing
  ** Cyrix and AMD CPUs have very high clock rates
     and would thus run Java very quickly
  ** Java has a tiny instruction set and would
     not consume very much chip real estate
  ** their CPUs would be going into NCs (not PCs)
     thus eliminating the box's stigma of not
     being "Intel Inside" .. they could start
     a new marketing campaign and label their
     boxes "Java Inside" :)
  ** they have the manufacturing capacity to
     produce millions of CPUs at a very low price

They would have the edge on Intel CPUs because they
could run Java very fast, *AND* they would have an
advantage over the other Java CPUs because they would
have native x86/Windows capabilities.  At the very
least, their stock price would soar the minute they
announced it.


P.S. IBM could do the same thing, but I don't know
     if they would dare.

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