problem with two adaptec and windows nt

problem with two adaptec and windows nt

Post by JCarr378 » Sun, 27 Apr 1997 04:00:00

have a 2940uw with 4 gig drives, and a 2920 with exabyte in a pci bus.
when both are installed the disks hang, when i take out the 2920 the disks
work fine.
1. pci is set to auto, and we have also tried legacy
2. no adaptec software is needed i think
3. what is the irq of adaptec
4. why wont it work.
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1. Optical Disk problems under Windows NT Server 4.0

My company is creating a software package which will archive files to
optical media. What I've noticed in other (non
custom-software) experiments, as well as in our
software development efforts, are the following two problems:

1) If there is no optical disk in the drive when the system is started up,
the system will not read any disks, and

2) When switching disks, it seems that the system is caching the directory
information from the previous disk. In other words, if I have a disk in
the optical drive, then put in another disk (or flip the media to the
other side), NT still thinks that the original side of media is in the
drive. In order to force NT to refresh its directory contents of that
drive, I can tell NT to refresh the directory when there is NO MEDIA in
the drive (in between the time that the original media and the new media
appear in the drive), and then NT realized that there's some sort of
critical error and flushes its cache. Then, after inserting the new media,
if I tell NT to refresh, it does so properly.
        If I eject the 1st media, insert the second one, and THEN tell NT
to refresh, it assumes that the first media is still there, wreaking

        Is there an updated optical driver available which will solve
(hopefully) BOTH these problems, or either one? Or is there some sort of
work-around I can use?

to this message. Thanks in advance!

Orrie Pelc
Kodak Health Imaging

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely my own and should not
reflect upon Eastman Kodak.

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