embedded/UML manuscript review

embedded/UML manuscript review

Post by Angela Buenni » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00

Addison Wesley is beginning the review process for a manuscript on the UML
and embedded systems called, "Efficient Real-Time Objects: Designing &
Implementing Embedded Systems with the Unified Modeling Language." This
will be short book (~150 pages) that will be organized around the A&D
model. We are be looking for folks to help us evulate the manuscript with
respect to technical accuracy, organization, scope and readability. If
this is a project you would be interested in, please email me with a short
paragraph outlining your experience with OO and real-time systems (no
resumes please).

Angela Buenning

Angela Buenning

Addison Wesley Longman,Inc.


1. uml for embedded system step by step wanted!

hi,i want to start my 8051 based system (include LCD,rs232,can,keyboard
control)design using UML,but i am new to UML,
i want to spend some time learn this technology,i search the web,but get
quite confused,and don't know where to follow.

if possible,could anyone suggest me a place
i can start with,and have step by step demo?

Best Regards


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