Arith 15 Call for Workshop Presentations

Arith 15 Call for Workshop Presentations

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which has the following information:

                  Arith 15 Call for Workshop Presentations

   The 15th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic will be held on June
   11-13, 2001, in beautiful Vail, Colorado, USA. The program committee
   has accepted a variety of interesting refereed research papers.

   To increase industrial interest and participation, the formal program

   will be augmented by two or three informal interactive workshop
   sessions. The format of each workshop session will be four to six
   presentations, of about ten to fif* minutes each, with plenty of
   time for discussions. These presentations will not be refereed or
   published; instead, prospective presenters are invited to submit one
   paragraph summaries now, and may post position papers on their own
   sites when ready, or distribute printed position papers at the

   The workshops will be selected by the program committee from the
   following proposed topics, based upon the quantity and quality of
   prospective presentations:
     * IEEE 754 Revision - a committee is preparing a proposed
       upward-compatible revision of IEEE Standard 754 for Binary
       Floating-Point Arithmetic - see [1]IEEE 754R meeting minutes
       This Arith 15 workshop will consist of presentations discussing
       various proposed changes; it's an opportunity for committee
       members to present the current status, for others to present
       proposals, and for conference attendees to respond.
     * Learning Experiences - mistakes made and lessons learned in
       commercial arithmetic implementations, hardware or software. We
       seek reports from those directly involved in mistakes, their
       detection, or their correction. These would typically be products

       no longer current, perhaps at previous employers, or mistakes
       that were detected prior to volume shipment. The emphasis is on
       lessons learned for future products.
     * Advancing the State of the Art - advances in commercial
       implementations, hardware or software. We seek reports from those

       directly involved in design, implementation, or test of new or
       recent commercial products that in some significant way advance
       the state of the art. The emphasis is on what's new and how it
       accomplished. Linked presentations of Learning Experiences and
       subsequent Advances are especially encouraged. Marketing pitches
       and simple product announcements are discouraged!

   Please submit proposed summaries to David Hough,

   as soon as possible, so the conference program can be finalized.

   Link: [2]Arith 15 home page.