Problems with Cheyenne ArcServe 6.0 for Windows NT

Problems with Cheyenne ArcServe 6.0 for Windows NT

Post by Christoph Mülle » Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hello helpfull everybody,

We have two problems with Cheyenne Arcserve 6.0
(Build 355 German) for Windows NT.
1) Warning W30 73: Connect as user failed (or similar text,
   I just translated it from German).
2) NT Client Agent: no error messages or logs but
   in the log file ntagent.log we have the following
   RegQueryInfoKey failed RC=122. Data buffer passed on to
                                  systems call is too small.
   RegQueryInfoKey failed RC=234. More data available.

There is a dedicated user ArcServe that is Domain Admin
and Backup Operator. It has the rights to act as part of
the system and to log on as a service.

Apparently, everything is backed up ok (of course, I don't
know about each and every registry key). We tried a restore
and it worked. All ArcServe services run as ArcServe user
and--except for the warning--everything seems ok. The
question is: what is it, that fails? Why do we get the

Here's our system:
The Arcserver Server:
  * Cheyenne Arcserve 6.0 (Build 355 German)
  * runs on NT Server 3.51 SP 5 (German)

The Arcserve Client to be backed up:
  * NT Client Agents (English)
  * Windows NT 4 Server (German) SP 2 (no hotfixes)

The log for the Warning W30 73 is:
19970325 123311  70 Job Backup execute now
19970325 123312  70 Start Backup (Queue = 1, Job = 2)
19970325 123312  70 W3073 Connect as user failed.

Thanks for your help,
Christoph Mueller


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