Area, Power, Timing Algorithms

Area, Power, Timing Algorithms

Post by Marcel R. van der La » Tue, 26 Apr 1994 20:28:41


I have a question which you might be able to help me with:

I am looking for algorithms which enable me to model a predefined architecture
and thus enable me to find the P, T, and A characteristics. The architecture is
generated by Sagantec's ASA 6.0 compiler/generator.

Below are some ideas I have on how to tackle the problem. Any ideas, comments,
questions, etc. would be gladly recieved.




- from the SID file a unit tree can be obtained, i.e. which unit uses which
- for leaf cells, we need to find (by experiment?) the area as a function of the
architecture parameters
- for non-leaf cells, we calculate the areas of the sub-modules and add these
with a suitable whitespace/routing factor. How do we obtain this factor (and is
it a function of the parameter architectures?)
- for cells which we have calculated, we store the results in a database for easy
reference later on.


We need to work out a register-register cyclic tree.

- from this we can calculate the critical path as being the longest path between
two registers, an input and a register, or an output and a register.
- we would need to calculate the timing delays for each unit (as a function of
the parameters)


I really have no good ideas on how to model the power dissipation of the
generated architecture.


1. Looking for a Chicago area Real-Time/Embedded Group

I am looking for a Chicago area interest group,
user's group, society, etc. that is addressing
the needs of real-time and/or embedded systems

If there is no such group, I would like to get
a feedback whether there is an interest for such
a group. I am pondering on organizing one. If
there is enough of you who think there is a need
for a group to discuss, teach, help, learn,
inform about real-time and/or embedded systems
related topics, we should do something about it.

The group would primarily be engineers, researchers,
practitioners, and other interested parties who are
currently involved or would like to be involved in
real-time and/or embedded software, hardware, kernels,
device drivers, memory-managers, data communications,
platforms, applications, etc.

The goal of this group would be to promote awareness
of our industry; learn from each other; be informed
of new trends, of new technologies, of development
systems; and help each other to solve some of our
daily challenges we face in this industry.

If you know of such a group in Chicago area please
send me a note. If you do not know of such a group,
but you would like to participate in one, please
send me a note as well.

NEWSGROUP! I will e-mail a follow-up to summarize the
responses to all respondents.



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