ASM design book recommendation

ASM design book recommendation

Post by testing.. » Wed, 24 Sep 2003 23:47:12


I am looking for a digital logic design book with a focus on
algorithmic state machine design, and perhaps also some of the more
theoretical issues of logic design.

I hope this is an appriopriate group to post this question to.



1. WTD: Book recommendation / Embedded hardware design & interfacing


  I'm primarily a software engineer, but am getting into doing some hardware
design for a personal project. I'm thinking about designing some hardware
that's going to use quite a lot of IO ; RS485, LCD, many push buttons, many
potentiometers and quite a few status indicators too. What I'm looking for is
a source of idiomatic designs for interfacing strategies for these components.
I can think of quite a few ways to do each but I'd like to read up on how
others have done it before and what the benefits and pitfalls of each approach
are from the hardware perspective as opposed to the software.

Are there any good books on the subject, or that touch on it? Likewise are
there any designs for systems that include such elements that are publicly
available that can be studied to see how the implementation works?

Thanks for any help

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