Announce: Mailing list for users of CMD RAID controllers

Announce: Mailing list for users of CMD RAID controllers

Post by Peter Erikss » Fri, 08 May 1998 04:00:00

I've set up a mailing list for users of CMD Technology's nice
SCSI-SCSI RAID controllers so that we can share our various
experiences with them.

To join the self moderating list (it will reject emails not originating
from the an email address on the list), send an email to:

with an email body of:


After that you may send postings to:

- Peter

WWW:                 Phone: +46 13 282786
Link?ping University, Department of Physics, S-581 83 Link?ping, Sweden


1. Announcing Futurebus+ users mailing list

A new mailing list for discussions concerning the use of Futurebus+ now
exists. Appropriate topics include the design, implementation, integration
and operation of the hardware and software that are related to Futurebus+.

Up to now, the several existing Futurebus+-related lists have focused on
the creation of the various specifications. Today, with more and more
Futurebus+-based products under development and/or entering the market,
it's time to address this growing need.

To subscribe, send the one-line email message (in the body of the message,
not the header; the Subject line is ignored) as shown below to:

subscribe fbus_users your_email_address

To get more information about the mailing list, send the one-line command

info fbus_users

This info page is automatically sent when you subscribe.

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