Make sure you requirements are correct before testing the code

Make sure you requirements are correct before testing the code

Post by Rodney W Mel » Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:00:00

SofTTest from BDQ/Bender is a requirements based testing tool that makes
the written specification/requirements clear and concise and
understandable/agreeable by the user. Based on this, SoftTest calculates
the minimum number of test cases you have to run to give you 100%
functional coverage. When the requirements changes during the project
(they always do) you only need to feed the changes as many times as you
want, into SoftTest to keep the 100% functional coverage agreed with the
user, and thus your physical (code) test cases are already defined for you
by SoftTest. The output from SoftTest can be used as input to automated test



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