Advantages of RAID 7 over RAID 4 and 5

Advantages of RAID 7 over RAID 4 and 5

Post by Michael Willet » Sat, 26 Sep 1992 02:56:05

Regarding that discussion about the architecture and advantages of
the new RAID 7 versus the earlier RAID 4 and 5, I printed out a copy
of the discussion on the news groups and took it to the Storage
Computer booth at the Banyan International Users Group show and
conference this week, hoping to discuss it with Storage
Computer Director Technical Director John O'Brien (the author of
the various RAID 7 technical articles).  He was not at the show the
day I was there, so I left a copy of the news group questions with
one of the Storage Computer executives there.  I guess he was back
at Storage Computer headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire, developing
RAID 8! :-)   The Storage Computer executives at the show read the
news group comments about RAID 7 and said they wanted to provide more
information shortly to the relevant newsgroups on their RAID 7
architecture.  They indicated that their RAID 7 disk array platforms
are primarily for Novell, Banyan, IBM RS/6000 & midrange, Wang, HP,
Sun, MIPS, Silicon Graphics, Stratus (SCSI only), DG, and VAX systems,
at least for right now.  They said that people who would like an
explanation of this right now could call them at Storage Computer
headquarters (603) 880-3005 "for the rest of the story."


1. Raid 7 Versus Earlier Raid 4

Regarding availability of RAID 7, Dave Goldblatt at Clarkson University

No, these RAID 7 disk array platforms are not available from us here
at the new Wang Labs.  You would have to get them directly from Storage
Computer in Nashua, New Hampshire, or via their European headquarters
in Frankfurt, or their European/Asia/Pacific distributors.  Here at the
new Wang Labs we are reselling a RAID 3 from another major vendor, because
the architecture more closely matches that of our VS minicomputers
(both those already installed and the new VS high-end models that have
been coming out recently.)   I'll be happy to find some technical RAID
reports on the Wang VS RAIDs for those people interested.

anything else on it in the press.

Actually they've published a number of technical articles in the
literature.  They seem to prefer to publish more technical material,
rather than marketing blurbs.  There have been some recent, favorable
reviews of their products in Corporate Technology Review, Open Systems
Today, and iX magazine from Germany.  People interested could probably
get copies by calling them at 603-880-3005.

In general, they seem to prefer demoing their products at user group
meetings, rather than sending out press releases.  They have recently
had booths at the Banyan, Wang, and Sun users groups meetings, among

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