Problems printing portraits *AND* landscapes w/ action (PS7)

Problems printing portraits *AND* landscapes w/ action (PS7)

Post by 8thNot » Wed, 26 Mar 2003 05:58:26

In OS 9.x, I could save a print step to an action and all images would print fine regardless of orientation (portrait or landscape). However, in OS X 10.2.4, the old action simply pops-up the print dialog box, and recording a new action prints all images oriented as the image used to make the action.

What's up with this? The actual action itself now contains three lines of data vs. the one line that was there before.

I can no longer grab a folder to print because all images oriented opposite of the image used to make the action are printed the same as the others.

Photoshop 7.01
Mac OS X 10.2.4


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