Free e-zine to maximize IT through effective learning

Free e-zine to maximize IT through effective learning

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Free - Subscription to our quarterly e-zine to help you and your organisation work better with IT

Help your organisation keep up-to-date with the latest in IT learning and development.

Everyday Jopa Learning helps thousands of organisations like yours work better with Technology.  

It seems to be that the only constant in our lives, particularly in the work environment, is change!   Our learning resources are used by thousands of organisations of various sizes and our e-zine is designed to pass on to you the wealth of knowledge,information, tips & tricks that we have gained over the past 10 years.  

LearnIT will show you how to; increase productivity using your existing IT products, help people feel more comfortable with technology, make the most of your training budget, and decide which are the best methods and tools to use when providing learning, not just in IT, but across the board.  Our goal is to ensure that technology is used to its fullest potential and the learning resources, services and information that we provide will help you achieve this too.

In the first of our quarterly newsletters, we ask the question "Is instructor-led training dead?", which is the issue of instructor-led training versus-learning.  This has been an important issue for some time now and many organisations have not fully come to grips with how to make the most of the e-learning medium, while ensuring the quality of their training is not impacted by a lack of people-to-people contact in the training room.

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We found your email address on your web site, and have sent you this email, because research has shown that organisations similar to yours have benefited enormously from the information to work better with technology - information that we provide free.

If you are not interested in receiving our free e-zine,simply reply to the email with the subject of"unsubscribe" and we will gladly remove you from any further mailings and ensure that we do not bother you again.  Otherwise we would love to help you and your organisation keep on top of the constant changes in IT and the work environment!

Please enjoy ...

Paul O'Dwyer

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Sounds unbelievable right?? Well it's true.? What's the catch?
There is no.? Why free accounts?? Well as a Computer Science
major planning on gaining some administrative experience, I
felt it would be the best way of attracting users.? Any risks
involved?? One, the system is going to
be run by me, <Hehehe> an amateur system administrator.? I
have no professional experience with UNIX-based systems.? But I
know what I am doing to an extent.? I'm a 2nd year Computer
Science major at Ramapo College of New Jersey and I've worked on a
UNIX-based system for 2 years and now my new Linux system for a few
months.? Obviously I don't know the
in's and out's of it and so that's the risk you have to deal with.
So how much harm could I do?? Well I could unintentionally delete
your account with about 10 key strokes.? So what do I plan to do
about that?? Well daily/weekly backups will need to be performed.
Anything else I need to know?? Well you need an internet connection
to reach my system.

Well I have much more to tell you, but let me head into one area
which I need to mention.? A free account is great, but if it leads
to abuse there will be problems.? I'll tell you know that I reserve
the right to remove your account at any time if I sense abuse.? That
means all of Megabytes of your important e-mail will be lost.? I'm telling
you this now because I'm sure there will be people on here that know
more about computers than I.? But if I sense anything, I have have to
take action in order to prevent everyone else from being screwed.? Well
that's about it.? If you are still interested and want to know more give me

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