NNTP Server wanted

NNTP Server wanted

Post by Peter Birr » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

We are looking for a NNTP server package which runs on either VMS
or PC-Windows.

Thank you in advance for any response

Peter Birri
Union Bank of Switzerland, Zurich

Peter Birri
Corporate Information Services
UBS Switzerland


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 Hi there!

I hope some helpful soul can point me to the right direction on my quest
for some DCL-"Autopost"-Tool letting me post a textfile via NNTP to a
newsgroup on a NNTP- newsserver.

It must not require any interactive user input when posting and posting
this file is everything this tool needs to be able to do. No newsreading

We've got no C-compiler on our System (VMS 5.5-2, UCX 3.1/soon 3.3), so
I need it as a binary.

Is there anything like this available?

Thanks for any hint!


Thomas Schwarz
7.sys GmbH, Medienallee 7, 85767 Unterfoehring

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