Not long ago, I got an account (login) on a computer that doesn't

Not long ago, I got an account (login) on a computer that doesn't

Post by Goran Gasparov » Thu, 22 May 1997 04:00:00

Not long ago, I got an account (login) on a computer that  doesn't
have "joe" text editor, which I used earlier. Since I don't know
where to find it, please can someone answer me where I should
look for it (or send me the program - by mail or somehow).

This is the prompt that shows up when I login:

Digital UNIX V3.2D-1 (Rev. 41); Wed Oct 30 09:31:17 MET 1996
Digital UNIX V3.2D-1 Worksystem Software (Rev. 41)
                      DEC Server 1000 4/200 APX

So, I need the "joe" for this machine.

Please, do answer me if you can help me. Since I don't use

I am not used to 'vi' at all, and don't like other editors that

Thanks in advance!

Goran Gasparovic



Not long ago, I got an account (login) on a computer that doesn't

Post by Stephen Hoff Hoffm » Fri, 23 May 1997 04:00:00

Quote:(Goran Gasparovic) writes:

:So, I need the "joe" for this [UNIX] machine.

   Try using, requesting an advanced search,
   and use the search streing "joe near text near editor", or similar.
   Among other URL sites returned, you'll find:,

   And please consider using a better subject when posting, and please
   also consider using a more appropriate newsgroup -- OpenVMS users
   are not the best audience for UNIX text editor questions.  (With
   these two considerations, you'll tend to get answer(s) to your
   question(s) rather more quickly...)

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Everybody else does.

I've looked at her SYSUAF record (seems normal, but shows -no- logins,
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If she (or i) enters the incorrect password, the Login Failure
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