Satellite not booting

Satellite not booting

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I had similar problems when moving to 7.2 upwards. Try setting these parameters
as I have;


This is NOT in line with what Compaq have put on DSN/WIS in the only article
I could find relevant, except for the PA parameter which is set to the
recommended 1Gb value.

Setting the others to zero was the only way I could get any of my systems to

I had a call logged with the CSC in Reading (UK) asking for either a solution to
 the initial problem, or
an explanation of how it resolved the problem (if in fact it did) with the
settings shown above, but someone
decided that the call could be closed as the system was now working, and I
haven't had the time or the
inclination yet to chase it up. I did post here, you could try looking in the
DEJA archives for the discussions.

So, again, this worked for me, but I am unsure as to why, or whether it would
work for you, but it's worth a try.

Steve Spires
VMS System Manager
BT/Yellow Pages

cc:         (bcc: Steve Spires/YellowPages)

Satallite not booting

We installed a new Alpha 1200 running VMS 7.2. Part of the installation
included applying the vms-v7.2_upgrade, vms-v7.2_sys, vms-v7.2_hardware,
and vms-v7.1_graphics patches.  After installing the patches and
necessary layered products, we ran and made this
node a boot node.  Next we ran again and added a
satellite node, (another Alpha 1200).  We booted the satellite node
via ethernet and watched as the node joined the cluster.  However
after the satellite joined the cluster the following error displ;ayed
on the satellite's console screen.

*PKQDRIVER-W PKB0, pkq_alloc_queues: run autogen with feedback to set

ePKQDRIVER-W- PKB0, pkq_unit_init_fork: Port can NOT come online,
pkq_alloc_queues() returened failure.

%MSCPLOAD-I-CONFIGSCAN, enabled automatic disk serving

Waiting to tune system...
Waiting to tune system...
Waiting to tune system...
Waiting to tune system...
Waiting to tune system...
Waiting to tune system...

Then it just sits there. I tried running autogen with the following...

then i rebooted but no luck, same problem.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?



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