FWD: RE: NFS between VMS & Unix (was Re: dropping VAX in favor of UNIX :-()

FWD: RE: NFS between VMS & Unix (was Re: dropping VAX in favor of UNIX :-()

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That's right.  Security is an issue, but so are the file types.
UNIX has stream file types, and VMS has RMS-indexed, sequential
and directory structures, too.  VMS supports file version numbers,
which UNIX interprets as something else.  Proxy mappings between
UNIX/VMS file owners have to be one-to-one.  Several VMS/UCX NFS
mount/ qualifiers have to be mentioned, including /CONVERSION
and /SERVER=UNIX to specify VMS/UNIX conversion for a VMS NFS client.

The reason VMS files won't execute on a UNIX NFS mount is obvious.
DCL commands are not found in UNIX verb tables, and vice-versa.

NFS is no good for backups either, since ownership is lost.  That
would be another excellent implementation for the VMS BACKUP utility.
We're using UNIX rdump to VMS rmt server, triggered by TCP sockets.

So, UNIX/VMS NFS applications are limited to sequential file storage

paul white

charles said:

I haven't had any experience with VMS<->UNIX NFS implementations,
but I haven't had any problems with multivendor UNIX NSF
implementations.  The primary problem with going between UNIX
and VMS (or DOS or OS/2) is going to be that the security
methods on the filesystems are different (or nonexistent).


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A friend of mine tells me that her Univ. admin is thinking of dropping VMS
in favor of their Computer Scienc dept's request that the mainframe switch
to UNIX. The whole campus now uses the VAX, and will have to switch to UNIX
if this potential change goes through.

Are there any knockdown-dragout arguments against this, arguments that a
University administrator would understand? And perhaps, some arguments that
he WOULDN'T understand, but would drive the folks from Comp. Sci. up the
wall when they couldn't make the administrator understand the rebuttal,

My friend and I know that the move is a serious error. But we'd like to
be able to convince the administrator of this, too.
You know, put his job on the line... that sort of thing.

George Gale

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