OpenVMS/Windows scripts

OpenVMS/Windows scripts

Post by Frank da Cr » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 23:35:35

: > : ... just received (well yesterday) and installed
: > : Kermit95 on a PC running Windows98. I haven't purchased the book yet...
: > :
: > It's in your Kermit 95 distribution as a PDF file.
: I'll have to go back and take another look. What I was looking at seemed to
: be an abbreviated version of the book (and I seem to remember seeing
: something some where indicating the book was rather "large" 700+ pages).
That's "Using C-Kermit" and it is indeed in Kermit 95 directory.  If you
give the "manual" command at the K-95> prompt, or click on Help->Manual in
the Dialer, you get the Kermit 95 manual, which, very near the top, has an
Index to Reference Material, where the first item is a link to the "Using
C-Kermit" PDF file.

: > Yes, but it's always harder to make a connection TO Windows than FROM
: > Windows, because Windows, unlike VMS or UNIX, is not designed to accept
: > logins from outside.  But it can be done.
: >
: > The first question is: What kind of connection are you making from VMS to
: > Windows?  Direct serial, dialed, Telnet, ...?
: Telnet from the an alpha 4100 running OpenVMS 7.1-1H1 to a PC running
: Windows (I believe NT if/when I can get things into production - for
: testing/development from the alpha to my PC running Windows98).
Of course this would be more straightforward in the other direction (make
the connection from Windows to VMS, which is already set up to allow Telnet
users to come in, log in, and have a regular session).  I'm sure you know
that Windows does not include a Telnet server (unless you have installed a
third-party one).  Therefore you have two choices:

 1. Tell Kermit 95 to wait for an incoming connection on a specific socket:

      set host * 3000

    and then tell C-Kermit on VMS to "telnet xxx 3000" (where xxx is the
    hostname of the Windows PC); or:

 2. Use Kermit 95 host mode:

The next release of K95 will offer a third choice, in which K95 itself *is*
a Telnet server and shell combined, so incoming connections get the K-95>
prompt and can give all the file-management and transfer commands to it,
*almost* just like at the PC console.

- Frank


1. NYC Talk: Windows NT DCL-like scripting language


Joseph Affrunti, of Advanced Systems Concepts, on
"XLNT - DCL for Windows NT"

Mr. Affrunti is a Senior Software Engineer; his company,
Advanced Systems Concepts, has developed XLNT, the
"eXtended Language for Windows NT/95" , a powerful and easy to use,
scripting language and command shell, to facilitate command line and
Batch  interfaces.  XLNT is based on Digital's DCL with its use of
syntax,  commands and lexicals.  A free evaluation copy of XLNT will
be available after the presentation.

XLNT's rich language facilities allow more complex tasks to be
performed,  on a scheduled or non-scheduled basis, than could
otherwise be provided using standard  DOS/NT commands.  For maximum
flexibility, XLNT commands can be invoked from DOS BAT files or DOS
commands can be invoked from XLNT command procedures.

XLNT as a command shell provides a complete environment for users
and programmers to develop or issue XLNT procedures or commands.  Users
and programmers who understand DCL will love the instant familiarity of
XLNT  commands and syntax.  XLNT is not just "DCL on Windows NT".  XLNT
contains many  facilities and extensions for Windows NT/95, such as
Registry Maintenance, System  Administration and Remote Terminal Login.  

Advanced Systems Concepts was founded in 1981 as a software engineering
and consulting company specializing in the development of systems
software  solutions for various operating environments, which include
OpenVMS systems,  UNIX and Windows NT.

For more information, please call
Advanced Systems Concepts at 201-798-6400


AT: Bailey's Greenhouse Grille, 729 3rd Ave, NYC, 2nd floor room.
Tuesday, January 28th. Pre-dinner discussion starts at 5:30pm,
Dinner at 6:30, Featured Presentation at 7:30;

Cost for full dinner (drink, salad, choice of entree, coffee and
desert) with presentation is $25. Please reserve at (718)

To ensure seating, dinner reservations are recommended for this

DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer User Society) is a national    
organization focusing on areas of interest of the DEC
marketplace. Our local chapter has monthly dinner talks on
current topics both in DEC and non-DEC related areas. No
membership is required to attend meetings; all are welcome. Feel
free to stop by prior to dinner for casual discussion about DEC-
related topics.

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