WRQ Reflection 9.0 beta

WRQ Reflection 9.0 beta

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Please note that this press release is not from Compaq and I am posting for
your information only.


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Dear Wendy and Susan,

Sue Lindsey,WRQ asked me to send this along to you... WRQ is please to let
you know it's Reflection 9.0 beta is now available.  This new product has
been designed to take advantage of the latest technologies including XML and
Windows 2000.  Below I have highlighted what WRQ believes this means for
customers, along with the full text of the press release (that will go out
on Monday the 26th) and a list of new product features.

- IT managers need to extend and make the most of their resources.
Reflection 9.0 allows them to easily migrate from older terminal emulation
solutions and to design deployments that can significantly reduce IT costs
by reducing network traffic.
- Reflection has been re-engineered to include a utility for capturing
configuration information and data from host applications in XML so this
data can be in turn used by other XML applications.
- For the second time, Reflection products have been certified for Windows
2000, which assures customers that they can take advantage of Windows 2000
features such as Active Directory and the Microsoft Windows installer.

Ann Finlay


For Immediate Release
March 26, 2001

For more information:
WRQ Inc.

Anika Baxter


Pembroke Resources

Ann Finlay


WRQ Reflection Evolves to Take Advantage of New Technologies

New Release to Feature XML for Enhanced Communication Between Windows
and Host Systems

ORLANDO, Fla. - March 26, 2001 - Today at the Gartner "Practical Approaches
to IT Investment Decisions" conference, Seattle-based WRQ, Inc. announced
the availability of the WRQ? Reflection? 9.0 beta release. The announcement
continues the company's 20-year tradition of providing industry-leading,
cost-effective host access for connecting Microsoft Windows desktops with
host systems. In order to address the needs of IT managers focusing on
making the most of their IT investments, WRQ has been engineering its
terminal emulation and PC/UNIX integration solutions to reduce the time and
cost needed to access existing, time-tested host applications. With this new
release, IT managers can easily migrate from older terminal emulation and
PC/UNIX integration solutions by using customizable installation tools that
allow them to design deployments that significantly reduce IT costs and
network traffic. This release also includes Linux console emulation support
for customers connecting to Linux host systems. The Reflection 9.0 beta
release is available on the WRQ Web site at www.wrq.com/products/beta/
through April 12, 2001.

"We have been using WRQ Reflection for many years as the primary tool to
access the district's Compaq VAX/OpenVMS for administrative databases,
student records and transcripts," said Bob Dietel at Meadowdale High School.
"Reflection makes these connections marvelously transparent. I am especially
pleased with how quick, easy to install and configure Reflection 9.0 is,
even on a brand-new PC that's never been a VAX terminal before."

IT managers have come to expect Windows-based Reflection products to follow
industry standards that ensure precise emulation and rendering of
applications from host systems including IBM, HP, UNIX, Linux, Unisys and
OpenVMS. These same IT managers are challenged to extend their existing
resources. WRQ provides solutions that allow IT staff to easily configure
and automate connections to host systems, generate reports and provide users
access to the information they need to get their jobs done. Reflection
products include Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to create
login scripts, customize reports and automate host connections.

"Twenty years ago, WRQ was created with one goal in mind: to deliver
mission-critical data to the people who need it. Back then, this was a
straightforward process-connect one person to one mainframe," said Doug
Walker, CEO, WRQ. "Today, the process is much more challenging.
Organizations must connect thousands of people to a diverse range of host
systems through a growing complexity of software layers and applications.
Reflection software has been, and will continue to be, a critical tool in
providing this connection. The upgrades and new features included in
Reflection 9.0 demonstrate our continued commitment to our customers and the
host-access marketplace."

Using XML for Enhanced Communication

XML has been supported throughout the high-technology community as a de
facto standard way of describing and communicating data between
applications. The new release of Reflection includes a utility for capturing
configuration information and data from host applications in XML for use in
Windows desktop XML-enabled applications.

"One of the most exciting new features in Reflection 9.0 is that customers
can capture data from the HP e3000 and bring it down to their Windows
desktop in XML format, to be used by their other XML applications," said
Kriss Rant, HP e3000 Alliance Manager. "WRQ continues to evolve their
products to enable customers to use the newest technologies."

Control the Costs of Accessing Host Applications

The evolution of WRQ Reflection solutions helps ensure that customers will
be able to access new developments on the desktop, such as Microsoft Windows
2000 and XML applications. When the Reflection products are released later
this year, they will have passed the rigorous testing needed to receive the
Microsoft "Certified for Windows 2000" logo for the second time. When
products receive this logo, customers can take advantage of new features
such as Active Directory, which allows IT personnel to easily add and
configure network users, and the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), which is
used to easily and quickly install Reflection products.

Where to Get the Reflection 9.0 Beta Release

Reflection 9.0 is available now on WRQ's Web site at
www.wrq.com/products/beta/ through April 12, 2001. Currently maintained
Reflection customers will automatically receive Reflection 9.0 upon release.
Prices for Reflection start at $161 per seat. The final release of
Reflection 9.0 is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of this

In June, customers wanting Web-based terminal emulation should consider
Reflection for the Web 4.5, which has been shown to lower the cost of
accessing host applications even more. This release of Reflection for the
Web will include integrated FTP support to allow file transfer between all
supported platforms and will enhance IBM mainframe (3270) and HP emulation

About WRQ

WRQ Inc. is committed to solving the most difficult information access and
integration problems customers face with innovative technology, transforming
how business is conducted in the next economy. WRQ, a privately held
company, has over 8 million users worldwide, including more than half of all
Fortune 500 companies. The company is consistently recognized for its
award-winning products and its stature within the industry as one of the top
software companies in the United States and one of Fortune Magazine's "100
Best Companies to Work For." Now celebrating its 20th anniversary,
Seattle-based WRQ has offices throughout the world and offers products and
services in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit the company'
s Web site at wrq.com.


WRQ and WRQ products are trademarks or registered trademarks of WRQ Inc. All
other trademarks, trade names or company names referenced herein are used
for identific

New Reflection 9.0 product line features

Windows-based terminal emulation

WRQ Reflection for IBM (MSRP:  $242)

- 3270 and 5250 emulation

WRQ Reflection for UNIX and OpenVMS (MSRP: $269)

- Connections to Sun/Solaris, IBM/AIX, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Compaq OpenVMS,
SGI/IRIX, and other UNIX and Linux systems

-   includes ReGIS Graphics support

WRQ Reflection for HP (MSRP: $404)

- includes connections for HP 3000 and HP 9000 systems

WRQ Reflection Suite for the Multi-host Enteprise, Standard Edition (MSRP:

- includes connections for IBM, UNIX, LINUX, Unisys, and OpenVMS

WRQ Reflection Suite for the Multi-host Enteprise, Professional Edition
(MSRP: $599)

- includes connections for HP 3000, IBM, UNIX, LINUX, Unisys, and OpenVMS

PC/UNIX integration

WRQ Reflection X (MSRP: $360)

- PC X server to display graphical and character-based UNIX applications

WRQ Reflection Suite for X (MSRP: $468)

-          PC X server to display graphical and character-based UNIX

-          NFS file and print services

-          Telnet 3270 and 5250 connections

-          Network utilities: PING, Timesynch


1. WRQ Reflection and DEC escape sequences

I'm wondering if I can get some assistance from those of you using loathesome
PeeCees and the WRQ Reflection terminal emulator.

I've encountered an issue at a customer site where Reflection is used with a
number of "home-grown" "terminal graphic" menu systems.  

The problem stems from the improper formation of the DECSEL sequence (Selec-
tive erase in line).  The proper form is <ESC>[?2K.  Reflection, improperly,
responds to <ESC>[2?K.  I cannot get beyond WRQ's first line of interference
when I call them to discuss this.

Here's a simple DCL procedure to demonstrate this.  

$! Execute this procedure with one of two arguments: DECSEL or BADSEL.  

$! This procedure should clear the screen and output a prompt at line
$! 15 on the screen.  Enter data such as: 1234567890 and hit <return>
$! The prompt should be redisplayed at line 15 with the previous data
$! (eg. 1234567890) cleared away.  You can then enter new data.  This
$! procedure will continue in a loop until contrl-Z is entered at the
$! prompt.
$! Now, repeat this test with the argument BADSEL.

$! This procedure should clear the screen and output a prompt at line
$! 15 on the screen.  Enter data such as: 1234567890 and hit <return>
$! The prompt should be redisplayed at line 15 with the previous data
$! (eg. 1234567890) still displayed.  You can then enter new data atop
$! of the previous data.  This procedure will continue in a loop until
$! an uppercase X is entered at the prompt.
$ ESC[0,8] = 27
$ DECSEL = "''ESC'[?2K"
$ BADSEL = "''ESC'[2?K"
$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT "''ESC'[10;1H''F$fao("TEST WITH ESCAPE SEQUENCE: <ESC>!AS",F$extract(1,-1,&P1))'"
$ 100$:
$ READ/END=200$/PROMPT="''ESC'[0m''ESC'[15;1H''&P1'Please enter selection: " SYS$COMMAND SEL
$ WRITE SYS$OUTPUT "''ESC'[20;1HYou entered: ''SEL'"
$ GOTO 100$
$ 200$: EXIT

If you try this procedure and reproduce the problem, and it bothers you that
your Reflection is not faithfully emulating a VT, feel free to report it to
WRQ under your support agreement.


VAXman- OpenVMS APE certification number: AAA-0001     VAXman(at)TMESIS(dot)COM

  "Well my son, life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?"

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