Automated Weekly Backups

Automated Weekly Backups

Post by Chris_F_Chi.. » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 03:04:00

Hello all...

   I want to automate my VMS machine's weekly Full Backup, ideally by having
a batch job run BACKUP (after appropriate checks for tape drive availability,
etc.).  However, I don't have a tape medium available that will hold the
whole system on ONE tape; I have to switch tapes at least once, although not
usually more than twice.  The current level of "prototype Automated Backup:
command procedure I've been writing, sets privileges and does a DEFINE/USER
SYS$INPUT _OPA0: and the same for SYS$OUTPUT, before running the actual
BACKUP command; will this be sufficient to let me, at the OPA0: terminal,
give the appropriate responses when BACKUP asks for a tape change?  Or am
I attempting the impossible (" multi-tape backup in BATCH mode ") ?  Is
there a way I've missed, to get operator interaction in the MIDDLE of
BACKUP?  (I imagine BACKUP *could*, but probably DOESN'T, detect that it is
running in BATCH mode, and issue REQUEST/REPLY-like operator requests in
that event.  Is there any way to MAKE it do this?)

   Thanks in advance for any assistance; e-mail please, even if you post
here too.  

    Chris Chiesa


1. Special: Automate your backups using a 16/32 GB DAT Library

Special: Automate your backups using a 16/32 GB DAT Library

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