UCX NFS client to a UNIX server

UCX NFS client to a UNIX server

Post by Miguel Fligu » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi folks !

I'm using UCX MOUNT DNFSxx: to access remote directories
located in a couple of Unix systems (a SUN and a OSF/1).

When I copy a simple text file to the DNFSxx:[directory]
I can see it perfectly from VMS, but from both Unix
boxes all I can see is the file converted to a long string of
characters (no CR or LFs between records).

I tried playing with the /[NO]CONVERT and the /[NO]ADF flags
of the UCX MOUNT command, but without luck. I really don't
know if the above is the expected behaviour. BTW i'm using
UCX 3.3 ECO 12 (I also tried with ECO6).

Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
Miguel Fliguer