G Q Bob busts up Compaq

G Q Bob busts up Compaq

Post by yyyc.. » Thu, 06 Sep 2001 14:33:52

Well Terry,

It didn't take long for my prediction of GQ Oswald setting Compaq up for
sale to come true now did it?





1. ATTN: Bob George (bob@aeneas) -- need valid address

Sorry to have to do this, but I'm tired of handling bounced mail.

a valid address, but's that all I'm getting on the FILESERV stuff you're
requesting.  Consequently, everything bounces.  Also, the .MIL address cannot
be reached by the node down from me, so all of your MACRO32 mail is bouncing

Please contact me via e-mail and try to get me a valid address.  Also, you
need to check out your mailers.  Here's what I get:

Neither belle nor aeneas are recognized by anything around me.

Hunter Goatley, VAX Systems Programmer, Western Kentucky University

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