Q: UCX NFS Client and Multinet NFS Server w/ NFS group defined

Q: UCX NFS Client and Multinet NFS Server w/ NFS group defined

Post by James Sh » Sun, 19 May 1996 04:00:00


       I have a problem when I try to use UCX NFS Client mount a drive from
  a Multinet NFS Server with NFS group defined.

  BT0006>MU SHO/ VERSION             !This is the NFS server
  TGV MultiNet V3.3 Rev A, Digital 2100 Server Model A500MP, OpenVMS AXP V6.1

  BT0030>UCX SHO VERSION     !This is the NFS client

    DEC TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS AXP Version V3.3
    on a AlphaStation 200 4/233 running OpenVMS V6.2


  VMS User_name     Type      User_ID    Group_ID   Host_name

  SHEN              O              20           1   *
  SYSTEM            ON              0           1   POSIX$root
  SYSTEM            O               1           1   bt0006.pto.ford.com

       The problem is:  If I add a UID tranlation w/(USER=SHEN, UID=20,
  GID=1) to the _default_ NFS group, I am able to mount the nfs drive from
  bt0006 exported nfs filesystem on bt0030, and I _CAN_ access the
  diretories and files from the mounting point as I suppose to.  If I add an
  NFS group such as `BT0030' with member host `bt0030.pto.ford.com' , and I
  add a UID tranlation w/(USER=SHEN, UID=20, GID=1) under the nfs group
  BT0030 (So there is _NO_ UID tranlation for user SHEN under the default
  group), I will get an error whenever try to access the files under the
  mounting point.  Here is the message I got:

  BT0030>SHO DEF
    DNFS1:[SHEN]        !This is the mounting point
  %DIRECT-E-OPENIN, error opening DNFS1:[SHEN]*.*;* as input
  -RMS-E-PRV, insufficient privilege or file protection violation

       The USERNAME SHEN on bt0006 has the following UAF record:
  Username: SHEN                             Owner:  JAMES SHEN
  Account:  SYSMGR                           UIC:    [1,200] ([SYSMGR,SHEN])
  CLI:      DCL                              Tables: DCLTABLES
  Default:  PTO$DATA_A:[SHEN]
  Flags:  DisForce_Pwd_Change DisPwdHis
  Primary days:   Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
  Secondary days:                     Sat Sun
  No access restrictions
  Expiration:            (none)    Pwdminimum:  6   Login Fails:     0
  Pwdlifetime:           (none)    Pwdchange:      (pre-expired)
  Last Login:  5-MAY-1996 10:24 (interactive), 17-MAY-1996 09:45(non-interactive)
  Maxjobs:         0  Fillm:       100  Bytlm:       100000
  Maxacctjobs:     0  Shrfillm:      0  Pbytlm:           0
  Maxdetach:       0  BIOlm:       150  JTquota:       4096
  Prclm:          16  DIOlm:       150  WSdef:         2000
  Prio:            4  ASTlm:       250  WSquo:         6000
  Queprio:         4  TQElm:       200  WSextent:     32000
  CPU:        (none)  Enqlm:      2000  Pgflquo:      80000
  Authorized Privileges:
  Default Privileges:

       Btw, `PTO$DATA_A:[SHEN]' is the NFS exported filesystem on bt0006

       Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  -- James

    James Shen          Powertrain Operations         Ford Motor Company  


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