Selling at cheap pricing

Selling at cheap pricing

Post by David Turne » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 10:42:20

(A lot of this stuff we don't normally sell, so 30 day warranty applies
where we mark an *)

Vaxstation 4000-90a
Graphics card
64Mb Memory

US$ 600

Vaxstation 4000-96*
Graphics card
64Mb Memory

US$ 2650

Microvax 4000-108*
No memory

US$ 3000

Exabyte Mammoth1 Table Top $900
Exabyte 8505 Table Top $400

MTI Dual DLT7000 5 Slot Autoloader $1500*
(SCSI UW Single Ended Pedestal)

DLTIII Tapes $5 each degaussed

BA353-AA narrow 3 SBB Table Top Enclosure $250

KZPSC-AA 1 Channel RAID Ctr PCI $85

RZ28-VA $50
RZ29L-VA $100 (Very hard to find !)

Call us as detailed below

David B Turner
Island Computers US Corp.
2700 Gregory St, Suite 180
Savannah GA 31404
Tel: 912 4476622
Fax: 912 2010402


1. Ideas for Compaq, how to sell cheap AXPs Was: Hobbyist - more steps?


An idea:

What about selling the low-end alphas (up to PWS 600au or DS10, or
something like that) with a hobbyist-like licenses for people. The people
should sign that they won't sell the computer and licences to companies
until Compaq agrees, and if they sell these to anyone the new owner shall
sign it too. There would be 3 general changes from the hobbyist license:
- no DECUS membership required
- no yearly applying for license required (5-years license would be even much
- there would be hardware sold with it, perhaps at a discount price.

It could be Personal VMS or etc.

IMHO if Compaq wants new customers then should change its hobbyist-policy.
Adress people who had not VMS yet. It would be a second step in the good

If Compaq doesn't want new customers, it's burying itself (there are people
migrating from VMS and other Compaq systems) - its market will shrink and
shrink and shrink then.

For small business - hmm I'm sure we will find out a useful idea!
I think Compaq could increase even its PC revenues if solutions for small
business would be sold:
- one alphaserver or a dual-cluster of alphaservers
- PC-s as X terminals (with Windoze or Linux)
- applications (DECWrite, some invoicing software etc.)
at a competitive price - with restrictions guaranteeing this is small business.


Gaspar Erdelyi

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