Post by Robert Ricc » Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:00:00

we are using teamlinks 2.5 with allin1 3.1 on an alpha 6.1 vms system
is any one experiencing problems with connections from spain to the u.s.
dec cannot give us recommended modem settings or hardware requirements ....
it seems that after the connect....the pc hangs...spain is using a 486 with 2400 baud
modem through sprintnet and x.25 onto our alpha....all other connections in the us
and other countries are fine.....thanks
subway...where fresh is the taste

1. TeamLinks / MailWorks

Does anyone have experience with TeamLinks 4.0?  We've installed it in
our shop, using the latest patch we could find   (ECO 2).  We wish to
connect to our MailWorks system using DECnet, not TCPIP  ...because I
don't know how to have MailWorks communicate in TCP/IP.
It is mind-boggling because MOST of our installations work like a charm
the first time around, the rest give us error messages when trying to
connect to the File Cabinet saying that the mail server was not found or
does not exist.  This happens even in machines that are just arriving
from the vendor, identical hardware, OS, and software.
Currently I am also trying to install it on Win95B client.  Using
Sniffer Basic to capture packets, it appears that TeamLinks client is
attempting to communicate via TCP/IP, despite our efforts to have it use
the other path.
Any information on this problem greatly appreciated.   Or if you know
how one can configure MailWorks to use TCP/IP!!!!   We do have the UCX
package installed on the VAX server.

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