Preferred controller for external narrow SCSI devices (DS10)

Preferred controller for external narrow SCSI devices (DS10)

Post by Rich Jord » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 03:09:28

We're looking at a DS10 to replace an MV3100-86 system.  The customer
uses a TSZ05 tabletop magtape drive, and that device needs to be
operable with the DS10 as well.  It is a 50-pin centronic connected
narrow SCSI unit.

We've spec'd the DS10 with a KZPCA controller for the internal disks
and DAT tape drive.  We need a second controller for the external
drive.  Is there any preference (other than price) between a KZPCA and
a KZPBA for this usage?  Should the cables or adapters to connect the
narrow drive be relatively easy to get?

The KZPAA is not listed as a supported option for DS10s, apparently,
or I'd use one of those with cables we have on hand.

Thanks for any info.

Rich Jordan


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an arm and a leg?


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