Announcing DNEWS 1.0c NNTP Server (NT, VMS, UNIX)

Announcing DNEWS 1.0c NNTP Server (NT, VMS, UNIX)

Post by net.. » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

DNEWS is a dynamic news server system, it is not a news reader!

DNEWS Feature list:
        Dynamic sucking feed.
                A sucking feed may use as little as 10% of the normal
                disk space and network bandwidth.
                By only getting news items that people usually read
                very large savings are possible particularly for small
                sites & workgroups.  A hundred users can be supported
                on 100 MB depending on their reading habbits!
                I run a single user server on my NT as a background
                service, it's using less than 5MB.
        Flexible expire settings
                By allowing expiration by 'number of items' low volume groups
                become much more useful.  Also by allowing settings
                which change with disk space the system is much more
                stable to large influxes of news.
        Binarys available for common platforms
                On many platforms you do not need to build the binary
                yourself, e.g. VMS, (VAX & ALPHA), Solaris, Linux, Windows NT
        Email confirmation of posts
                DNEWS can be configured to send email confirmations as it
                sends items up to a main news server.  This gives users
                a clear record of a posted item and it's successful
                transfer into the 'net'.
        Items stored in a database
                Items are stored in a database which puts items together
                in blocks of 100.  This saves directory entries, inodes,
                and the empty space usually wasted due to blocking factors.
                Also file open and closes are minimized, this is essential
                on systems where this is a 'costly' operation, e.g. VMS.
        Compiling and porting relatively easy
                DNEWS was designed to be portable from the ground up, it
                does not rely on obscure UNIX features.
        Installation easy, totally configurable without recompiling
                DNEWS can be configured without recompiling and all
                the configuration scripts have been simplified where
                A user manual is available.
                EMAIL support is available for help with installation
                and management.
                On comparable systems DNEWS typically out performs other
                news software, (even the likes of CNEWS and INN in some
                instances), other VMS news servers don't even come close.  
                This is partly because DNEWS uses a more advanced database
                to store the news items.  The difference is also very
                noteable on smaller systems (e.g. Linux)
        XOVER implemented in software
                No xover database is created, the normal DNEWS database
                is fast enough to create this information 'on the fly'
        Streaming support
                Streaming NNTP extensions are built in.
        Strictly limited machine impact
                DNEWS runs in a single process, this speeds up connect
                time as a process does not need to be created, and it
                self-limits the impact on the system.
        DNEWS does not store items in the same file structure as used by
        INN and CNEWS, so old software which accesses these files directly
        will not work.          
Upload binarys or source from:  /ftp/vendors/netwin/dnews
For more details upload /ftp/vendors/netwin/dnews/install.txt

Binaries are available for VMS, (VAX & ALPHA), Solaris, Linux, Windows NT
Source is available on request, see source.txt in the ftp site


Announcing DNEWS 1.0c NNTP Server (NT, VMS, UNIX)

Post by Roger Bin » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00

: DNEWS is a dynamic news server system, it is not a news reader!

: DNEWS Feature list:

Can you please post license and copyright information for this software.
I couldn't find any in this post, or in your ftp directory.



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