Scheme to VMS exe file conversion, plus SIOD has regular expressions.

Scheme to VMS exe file conversion, plus SIOD has regular expressions.

Post by George J. Carrett » Sun, 07 Dec 1997 04:00:00

The latest SIOD
has a new BUILD_VMS.COM procedure to build using DECC on both VAX
and ALPHA.

Regular expression support is bundled.

And the CSIOD command (originally only for WIN32) now works on the VMS
platform. It can convert scheme source files into VMS executables.


$ CSIOD SYS$INPUT: :o=hello.exe
(define (main) (print 'hello))


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I was browsing through the LIB$ (RTL) Manual, and just happened to
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regular expression into a set of tables that LIB$TPARSE can run
against, do I have to code *this* myself, or am I looking in the
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DY :-)


***  !!xob X*NU V METSYS T&TA eht ni renosirp dleh gnieb m`I  !pleH  !pleH  ***

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