Secondhand MicroVAX / AlphaStation systems/parts resellers in Australia ?

Secondhand MicroVAX / AlphaStation systems/parts resellers in Australia ?

Post by Jason Armiste » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 12:54:24


Can anyone out there in comp.os.vms land recommend a good secondhand
MicroVAX / AlphaStation reseller in Australia, and preferrably New
South Wales ?

I'm looking for a MicroVAX 3100/76 or similar, or an AlphaStation
circa 266 MHz

Or, I'm after someone with a working AlphaStation 500/266 power supply
module (DEC P/N 30-45491-01 Rev B02) which was a MagneTek Maverick
3617-32-100 unit.  After a few mysterious power-offs overnight, the
AlphaStation now is completely dead with no apparent signs of damage.
The P/S doesn't fire up and its fan stays dead still.  I've seen
plenty of bagging of the Italian MagneTek units as used by IBM / Apple
on other newsgroups and suspect that mine has gone the same way.


Jason Armistead


1. System 1022 and System 1032, Part 2

On Oct-7-1998, Alan Grieg posted:

"There was (is) a 1032 which ran under VMS.  Somone once told me that the
name 1022 came from the serial number of the PDP-10 it was developed on..."

The folklore-ish story of the origin of the name - system 1022 - was that
it was a software product that ran upon "Tops-system 10's and 20's, too.";
thus 10-20-2, 1022.     Official company policy was that this was a myth.
No one during my tenure could ever adequately explain WHERE the name came

System 1032 was created to be the System 1022-equivalent on the then
newly-introduced VAX/VMS line of hardware from Digital.   System 1032 was
to be a migration path for those System 1022 sites faced with the impending
termination of support for the 10's and 20's.   Not a few S1022 sites DID
convert over to S1032, especially after the special version of S1022 that
would output S1032 code upon execution of S1022 compiled procedures.

The same naming hype thing goes for System 1032 - the origin of the name is
lost in the mists of time.   Of course, the phrase "The Next Generation"
wasn't copyrighted back then....

-Tym Stegner
S1032 Support
Computer Corporation of America

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