Field test V5.00-1 of CXML for OpenVMS Alpha available

Field test V5.00-1 of CXML for OpenVMS Alpha available

Post by CXML Admi » Thu, 29 Mar 2001 21:17:33

A field test release V5.00-1 of CXML for OpenVMS Alpha is
available from the Compaq Math Libraries Group web site

From the main page of the web site, follow the links to the
download page where you can read the release notes on-line
as well as download the kit to your system.  The kit is a
self-extracting ZIP file of 17,230,336 bytes which contains
a standard PSCI file.  No License Product Authorization Key
is required to use CXML V5.00-1.

As with all field test (beta) software, this software should
be used in a test and evaluation environment.

The CXML (Compaq Extended Math Library) is a library of
mathematical subroutines optimized for Alpha platforms.  It
includes BLAS, LAPACK, sparse linear system solvers and signal
processing routines.

Changes in this release relative to the previous release
include but are not limited to

    - improved performance, particularly for the _GEMM
    - new routines for solving sparse matrix problems using
      direct methods
    - removal of the "skyline" solver routines
    - addition of the SCIPORT library for IEEE floating-
      point data types

Further details are available in the release notes.

If you encounter any problems or have suggestions or
comments, contact us directly as described in the release
notes and on our web site.

Posted to:  comp.lang.fortran, comp.os.vms, comp.sys.dec


The Math Libraries Group

Nashua, NH 03062


1. Kerberos T2.0 field test kit for hp OpenVMS now available

Dear OpenVMS Customer,

HP is pleased to announce the availability of the Kerberos T2.0 field test
kit for hp OpenVMS Alpha,

based on MIT Kerberos V5 Release 1.2.6. This new kit is available for
download from

MIT has issued a CRITICAL Security Advisory for KDC vulnerabilities in all
releases of

 MIT Kerberos V5 prior to Release 1.2.5.

For more information, see

Kerberos Version 1.0 for OpenVMS is based on MIT Kerberos V5 Release 1.0.5,

and is affected by these security vulnerabilities.

HP strongly advises all of our Kerberos customers to upgrade to Kerberos
T2.0 for hp OpenVMS.

 The Kerberos T2.0 field test kit is available for your testing now, and the
final Version 2.0 will be

made available as soon as possible.

Please note that the T2.0 kit is experiencing a problem using the Kerberized
Telnet server in hp

TCP/IP Services V5.3 for hp OpenVMS. We are working on resolving this
problem and will

 provide updates on the Kerberos for hp OpenVMS web page.

Thank you for your continued interest in OpenVMS Security.


Leo Demers

OpenVMS Security Product Manager

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