Simulatenously transferring a 1GB file from VMS to two Windows 2k servers servers servers

Simulatenously transferring a 1GB file from VMS to two Windows 2k servers servers servers

Post by Fabio Cardos » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 07:51:05


There is a lack of command:  


May be using Oracle RDB HotStandby or Volume Shadow APIs ....

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Quote:> re: 2 files transfeered simultaneously

> 1- are the two wintel machines using the same VMS username to access the file
> at the same time ?

> 2-Consider defining a few logicals to better trace/log the transfers:

> To log transactions or remote users doing FTP on your system:


> This will result in the SYS$LOGIN:TCPIP$FTP_SERVER.LOG files containing
> details of transactions. In your case, you should make sure that each PC
> generates its own file (eg: that VMS sees this as two separate transfers,
> instead of a single transfer).

> Here is an example output:
> --------------------------------------------------------
> FTP Login request received at Sat Feb 15 01:41:00 2003
> from remote IPv6 address 0:0:0:0:0:ffff: port 1988
> UserAlias:jfmezei  UserName:jfmezei
> ProcName:TCPIP$FTPC0005F  AnonUser:0  MultiLine:1
> --------------------------------------------------------

> >>> 230 User logged in. <<< PASV
> >>> 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,0,0,10,197,107) <<< TYPE I
> >>> 200 TYPE set to IMAGE. <<< CWD []
> >>> 250-CWD command successful.
> >>> 250 New default directory is DKA200:[JFMEZEI] <<< RETR bmwz8.jpg
> >>> 150 Opening data connection for DKA200:[JFMEZEI]BMWZ8.JPG;1
> (,1989) (160250 bytes)
> >>> 226 Transfer complete. <<< QUIT
> >>> 221 Goodbye.

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1. Simulatenously transferring a 1GB file from VMS to two Windows 2k servers

Hi All,

Okay. I've never logged onto a VMS box, I know nothing about the
architecture or I/O functionality, but I'm working on a team that is
taking 1 large VMS file, about 1 GB, and transferring it
simultaneously to two different Windows 2K Advanced Servers through
FTP. I was wondering if anybody knew of a problem this might cause.
The results of the transfer are two files with different file sizes!
The differences are large with one server having 550mbs and the other
server having 450mbs. It looks to me that it is splitting the file
into two chunks, but I'm not sure (it's a graphic).

Does anybody know about a situation like this?

Thanks so much.


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