Need info on TD Systems, Inc SCSI Q-Bus adaptor

Need info on TD Systems, Inc SCSI Q-Bus adaptor

Post by JOHN MALMBER » Fri, 06 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have a TD Systems, Inc SCSI Q-Bus adaptor, with no documentation.

It has the name TDL-12 in several places so I am assuming that it is the model

Does anyone have any information on using this card?



1. Q-bus to Unibus Adapters

the people you want to talk to are: Able Technologies.
They make a "Qniverter" which works like, but better than, the MLSI-DW11
 (i've got both...).  The layout is different, too.
 the MLSI-DW11 is a quad board in the Unibus, and a dual board in the
The Qniverter is a Quad Qbus board...with a Unibus connector in one handle
 position... normal Unibus cable snakes from that to the A/B Unibus socket
 on the Unibus device's backplane.

The MLSI-DW-11 does allow a Tee-connection, whereas the Qniverter has
 to be at one end (source or sink) of the Unibus.
Price is about $1700.    Able is in Colorado somewhere, but i can't locate
 their address/phone number at this moment... i'll follow-up (and Email)
  when it surfaces...

DEC used to make a DW-11, too.  in the 1978-1982 timeframe.
I was at a San Fran DECUS commenting on how handy it was, and the guy
behind me turned out to have been its product manager.  He was pleased.
DEC's was only unidirectional, though... the Unibus was the bus master end.

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