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Anyone considering the purchase of a Sony peripheral for their computer
might want to give it some further thought. There clearly is not a
reciprocal relationship between what they sell and what they service.
I purchased a CD-RW drive back in April that just recently went bad
(won't read). When I called Sony service, I was told that I could not
get a replacement and that I had to ship it across the country to be
"repaired" (and we all know what that means...) - with a three (3) week
turnaround. Assuming that they keep their 3-week commitment, with
shipping both ways, I'd be without the use of the unit for at least
five weeks!!!
I hardly think that's reasonable or fair.
Compare this to HP, who under the same circumstances would simply ship
you out a replacement unit and issue a call-tag for the old one.
Sony is a behemoth in the marketplace and as such, they have an
obligation to scale their service facilities to meet demand. To not do
so is an indication of their lack of commitment to customer satisfaction
and an unwillingness to stand behind their products.
Buyer be ware!

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1. Sony-SMO-S501-11

I bought an old MO drive Sony-SMO-S501-11 in substition of an
identical damaged one. The drive is connected on a MicroVAX 3100-30/40
with OpenVMS 6.2.
With a show dev i have:

$ show dev dka200: /full

Disk MVAX$DKA200:, device type SONY SMO-C501-00, is online,
    device, shareable, error logging is enabled.

    Error count                    1    Operations completed          
    Owner process                 ""    Owner UIC                    
    Owner process ID        00000000    Dev Prot  
    Reference count                0    Default buffer size          

When i try to mount the cartridge i have immediately:

$ mount /over=id dka200:
%MOUNT-F-MEDOFL, medium is offline

the Busy led don't light and nothing happens.
It's very strange that if i try to mount a write locked cartridge the
system releave the lock status:

$ show dev dka200:

Device                  Device           Error    Volume         Free
Trans Mn
 Name                   Status           Count     Label        Blocks
Count Cn
MVAX$DKA200:            Online wrtlck      182

Some suggestion?
Thanks for help

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