OpenVMS Success Story: Aurora Health Care

OpenVMS Success Story: Aurora Health Care

Post by Keith Parr » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 05:23:38

New success story highlights Aurora Health Care's OpenVMS database

With the need to run 750 gigabytes of live data on a single server,
Aurora Health Care turned to a high-performance HP Next Generation
AlphaServer GS1280 system running the OpenVMS operating system.  A
newly published success story tells how the Milwaukee-based consortium
eliminated a major bottleneck in its Cerner Millennium environment,
reducing its 90+ percent database system utilization rate to 25
percent or less.  As technical services manager Lee Oettinger states,
"Now our users are happy, and we can sleep at night."  Quoting
extensively from Aurora executives, the story describes how many HP
groups --from the account team to OpenVMS engineering to services --
worked together to deliver a solution that would support growth as the
organization adds more hospitals and clinics.  According to the story,
the new system's quicker response time has encouraged more staff to
use the application, as Aurora plans to expand Millennium applications
to other facilities.  Moreover, Aurora has pioneered innovative
OpenVMS Millennium capabilities, such as read-only Web access to the
Oracle database.  With confidence in HP's product roadmaps, senior
systems manager David Harrold says, "I'm sure that in the future we
will move to the Itanium-based platform."

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1. Is there an OpenVMS success story about this?

Folks --

Just noted that LSOFT, the LISTSERV people, do mailing list hosting.  Here's
the page on their main mail list host:

It describes the OpenVMS Alpha cluster they use for their mail hosts.  The
page talks about the record-breaking PLUM cluster, and details the records held
by members of the cluster: Largest mailing list server in the world, fastest
single machine mail server in the world, largest single machine mail server in
the world.  On VMS.

It addresses 24x365 availability, cost-effectiveness, performance, and links
to an OpenVMS clustering brochure.

I think Digital should really buy ads in glossy magazine talking about these
internet records held by OpenVMS, and mentioning that while Lsofts products
run on various Unixes and NT and IBM mainframes, when it came to running their
own reliable servers they chose VMS.

-- Alan


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