problems with vms install

problems with vms install

Post by bayden clin » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 07:33:37

Hello, i am trying to install vms onto a 164lx machine but i am having
problems in that anytime that i try to initialize the drive i am getting the
following error:

%INIT-F-DEVCMDERR, device command error

it is a 18gig seagate SCSI hard drive that i am trying to initialize and it
is on a Qlogic UW scsi card, the cd-rom that i on this card works fine but i
cannot seem to inialize the drive i have even tried a 4.5 gig drive that i
had laying around and it did the same thing, just wondering if anyone has
any sujestions about anything else i could try




1. A problem installing VMS VER 7.1

Hi there..  It seems that when it rains, it pours. I have a different microvax
problem that has just arrisen.

I am installing VMS 7.1 on a separate machine from my runtime system which all
of you have been absolutely helpful with my KDA-50 problem. It still isn't
solved yet, but I am attempting to get the problem from the other end of the
room so to speak.

Anyway, I have this separate machine with another KDA50 in it, MV3900 CPU
boards, a CMD CQD-223/M scsi disk controller, an RQDX3 (of course) and the
media is RA-72...


When I use the CD Rom install media on my RRD-40 SCSI cd rom, it loads
fine. Everthing looks peachy. it brings up the standalone backup for which I
then enter the following:

$ backup/image/init duc5:vms071.a/save dub0:

it flickers the RA-72 momentarily and then I get this errror:::

VOLUME DATA SUMMARY FOR DUB0: Cannot be found. /image cannot be used.


There has to be a way to place VMS on a blank disk... I remember it somewhere
but my mind is so bad these days...

Any help you guys can give me I will appreciate as much as I have the help in
the past...

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