Documentation Error

Documentation Error

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I was sure I had seen somewhere that the DEGXA was a 3Com
card, so I checked out the 3Com site and determined the
only 3Com card with a Tigon 3 was the 3C996-T.  I bought
one and tried it, but it wasn't recognized even with the
LAN patches for V7.3-1.  If I updated SYS$USER_CONFIG.DAT
to match the PCI IDs, VMS would bugcheck.  I decided to
check the Compaq/HP website to see if I could find the
information again.  The first place was:

Which states (table modified to fit):


 Broadcom 5700 Series (Tigon 3) Gigabit Ethernet

* Support for the 3COM Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (DEGXA)

* Provides support for the latest Gigabit Ethernet adapter
  architecture for the OpenVMS Operating system, continuing
  the existing Gigabit Ethernet support as both a LAN device
  as well as a cluster interconnect device
* Available via remedial kit
* Estimated availability November 2002

There's also reference to the DEGXA being a 3Com card here:

So the question is, which 3Com card is relabelled as the DEGXA?
Eric Dittman


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